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DJ & Saxophone Player Live show For Special Events In California

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday celebration, a corporate concert, or just a cozy cocktail hour - modern duo Saxophone Player and stylish DJ is a perfect choice for a memorable and exciting musical experience.  

Their run successful jazz improv fusion over trending dance music combo mixed with pulsating entertainment during thrilling power performance.

It really is a mixture of funk, blues, Latin, and top 40 tunes presented in a variety of original interpretations that has led to their popularity.

You and your guests will have a blast dancing the night away to DJ & Sax compilation, which appeals to people of all ages.

Event planners from coast to coast have relied on us for the best in corporate entertainment, and they keep coming back to us year after year. You can count on us to make your event a hit by delivering the right kind of environment and entertainment for your guests and your event's target demographic.

Our show includes Award-Winning Saxophone Player, Celebrity DJ, and full set of lights and sound set up, which is highly recommended for cross-generational, exciting, dynamic party atmosphere, and guaranteed to have you and your guests dancing all night long.



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